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Whale Watching _ La Gomera
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It is very important to us not to disturb the animals with our boat but to watch them in their natural habitat. Often, they seek to get closer to us and the boat and even ride in the bow wave.

  • Whale Watching with a typical canary fisher boat
  • Max. 10 persons per drive
  • Sightings around 90% (over the year)
  • 23 different species possible

3-4 hours respectful whale watching, water & ginger tea

Not included


Duration3 Hours 30 Minutes
Bring along

Sun cream, sunglasses, maybe a hat

CategoriesAnimals & nature, Leisure Activities
LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish
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Hafen von Valle Gran Rey (Vueltas) - 1 Tag vorher bitte in unser Büro in Hafennähe kommen wegen Einweisung
Avenida Marítima el Puerto de Vueltas, 38870 Valle Gran Rey, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spanien

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OCEANO La Gomera - Whale Watching
38870 - Valle Gran Rey

Further information

When we encounter a school of dolphins or whales, first of all we will try to find out what they are doing. Are they looking for food, hunting or feeding, travelling or do they even come closer to our boat? Respectful whale watching means to adapt to the particular situation and adjust our sailing manner to the animals’ behaviour.It is very important to us not to disturb the animals with our boat but to watch them in their natural habitat. Often, they seek to get closer to us and the boat and even ride in the bow wave.Sometimes though, they make it clear to us that we are not welcome and then we have to sail on, enjoy the ocean itself or we might even meet a different group of cetaceans. Surely we do influence the animals’ behaviour if we are close by with our boat. To keep this influence as subtle as possible we drive our boat according to the Canary legal regulations and to our best knowledge and belief, our intuition and many years of experience.Every one of our boat trips is new and different as we are dealing with wild animals, which are constantly moving through the ocean. So we can never know exactly where they can be found in any particular moment. We have to search for them on every excursion anew – and we are very much in favour of finding them!The sighting rates peak in springtime with nearly to 100%. But the other months are very impressive too. In 2014 the sighting rate was 95%. We never give sighting guarantees but expect from our nature loving guests that they will appreciate what the ocean is willing to show us on any specific day.Expect the unexpected! Everything is possible: We have even encountered blue whales passing through this area. But please accept that every trip turns out differently and then just enjoy the ocean itself, the seabirds, there might be a sea turtles, jumping tuna, flying fish or simply the sparkling light of the sun dancing on the surface of the ocean. During the warmer months there might be time for a swimming break.The OCEANO team will always give its best and we promise to do our utmost to encounter these fascinating cetaceans together with you. And chances are good...

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Gute Buchbarkeit, einfache Handhabung, gute Beschreibung der Location,
Vor Ort keine Probleme? Alles Super geklappt, sehr empfehlenswert.
by Susi Reinhuber on 05/18/2015
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