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Surviving the 20th Century - EN
Surviving the 20th Century
Surviving the 20th Century
Surviving the 20th Century
Surviving the 20th Century
Surviving the 20th Century
Surviving the 20th Century
Surviving the 20th Century
Surviving the 20th Century

Stories about struggle for independence and freedom,great suffering and sacrifice,courage and pain,hope and crushed dreams.Learn how the life was under the yoke of communist dictatorship and how thorny was the path towards democracy.Visit main places of the Velvet Revolution of 1989.

  • Spectacular view of Prague Castleand the place of former Stalin monument from the Charles Bridge
  • Most important sites relating to events of WWII, the Communist period, Prague Spring and Velvet Revolution
  • Expert guide to give you a local insight to our modern history

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Duration2 Hours
CategoriesThemed Tours, Explore & Discover, Themed Tours in Prague, Themed Tours in Hlavní město Praha
Opening hours
RegionPrague, Hlavní město Praha


In front of the Charles Bridge, by the Statue Charles the IV., at Křížovnické Square,our guide will hold orange umbrella
Pomník Karla IV., Praha 1-Staré Město-Staré Město, Česko
Tram station Staroměstská- tram number 2, 17,18, Subway station Staroměstská- line green

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110 00 - Prague

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Meet your guide in the heart of the Old Town – on a threshold of the Old Town Bridge Tower and sett of on a fascinating journey to the past.¨

After you enjoy a panoramic view of the Prague Castle – the proud seat of Czech rulers and presidents - you learn that not far from it once stood the largest statue of Joseph Stalin in the world!

Step by step your guide will cover all the major events. Learn about what led the Czech nation from the grip of the Austrian monarchy to an independent Czechoslovak democratic state – one of the strongest economies of its time and also the last functioning democracy in Eastern and Central Europe after 1933.

Find out about the suffering during the 2nd World War under the Nazi “Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia“ and about the Operation Anthropoid which was the only successful assassination of a senior Nazi leader during World War II.

Reveal the methods and strategies of the communist regime,and the enduring influence of the USSR, as it seized power and transformed the formerly democratic state into a tough dictatorship where human life meant less than nothing. Imagine the euphoria of Prague Spring followed bySoviet tanks invading Prague in 1968, shooting at the building of National Museum on Wenceslas Square. On the very same square we honour the memory of young students who burnt themselves alive in order to unite the nation against the common enemy in 1969.

As the history rushed towards the 70’s and 80’s you can see its reflection in the streets you pass.Your guide will reveal the long and thorny past that led to the Velvet Revolution of 1989 – the ultimate victory of democracy after more than 40 years of communism.

Hear the stories about Václav Havel, courageous students, brutal police forces and the clashes at Narodnítřída. Your tour would not be complete without some humorous and obscure stories from the times of newly gained freedom.

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