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Historical tour through Bad Brückenau
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An experienced guide will bring participants closer to the history of this Franconian town. Among other things, the guide will explain how the postcard was invented and what rapid development lay in a pharmacy.
  • Information about the station and the castle goods
  • Explore the mysteries of Brückenau
  • Experienced guides
Duration1 Hour 30 Minutes
ParticipantsGroups of 1 to 25 participants, individual bookings welcome
CategoriesHistorical Tours, Themed Tours
LanguagesEnglish, French, German
Opening hours


The meeting point is in front of the tourist office

Alter Rathausplatz, 97769 Bad Brückenau
Parking available

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Tourist Information
97769 - Bad Brückenau

Further information

A certified tour guide will lead the group through the Franconian town of Bad Brückenau. The guide will provide you with interesting information about the history of a Bavarian branch line, an unfortunate bachelor, a courageous citizen and more.

The Post Hotel is discovered on the tour and illuminating background information about the real Privy council and the inventor of the postcard will be told. The Swan Pharmacy became a contemporary company through its trade in snuff, spices and goat whey.

Seven Brückengasse, the old town and the Siebener Sprudel will be visited. The group learns more about the mills, which represented a significant industry in the past.

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by Sandy Pfanner on 09/21/2012
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