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High Rope Garden Bamberg - Group Training (15 Pers.)
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In this high rope garden challenge and team parcours the rule is “together we are stronger”. Through coordination and communication you will solve different tasks held amongst the treetops. You will overcome tree trunks and beams, as well as master ropes and nets.

  • Rope and wooden obstacles with different grades of difficulty
  • Up to 12 m high platform
  • Build teamwork, cohesion and communication in the group
  • Support from two trained and experienced instructors
Included4 hours climbing, complete set of safety equipment, support from 2 experienced trainers
Duration4 Hours
Bring alongSturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing, drinks and snacks
ParticipantsGroups of up to 15 participants
CategoriesAdventure Parks, Leisure Activities
Opening hours
RegionBamberg, Bavaria
RequirementsMinimum age: 8 yrs


Bamberger Hochseilgarten
Jakobsplatz 15, 96049, Bamberg, Germany
Parking available
Bus 910: Domschule stop, 3 minutes walk

Offered by

Don Bosco Jugendwerk Bamberg - Hochseilgarten
96049 - Bamberg

Further information

"Learning through experience" is the motto of theBamberg High Rope Park. Next to having fun you will also receive targeted teaching during the 4-hour training in the rope park and team parcours.

In the special team parcours there are numerous rope and wooden obstacles at different heights. On the floor area you will overcome tree trunks and beams, while in the air nets obstruct your route as you swing from platform to platform with ropes.

The group of 15 have the opportunity to test their limits together in a team and to master the different group tasks and challenges. You will be supervised by 2 experienced trainers. The participants learn that their individual performance depends on the cohesion and the committment of the whole team. This promotes communication and helps the group to build experience together, which in the end will strengthen the group in its daily routine.

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