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Valencian Paella Workshop
Paella Valenciana

Cooking Paella is the most remarkable Valencian experience, not only at culinary level but also at a social level. Family and friends gather around a Paella while the cooking process, enjoying a good conversation until the moment to share table and dish with them.The authentic and original Paella recipe (chicken, rabbit, vegetables and snails).

  • A wonderful workshop for your learning and entertainment
  • Visit to the Central Market (morning shift from Monday to Saturday)
  • Authentic Valencian cuisine

All-inclusive Price. Snack and full lunch/dinner. The lunch/dinner includes a White and red wine tasting, starters and the paella with salad, drinks, dessert and coffee/infusión. Also provided an apron and a chef’s hat. At the end you will receive a diploma certifying your new cooking skills and a little present to remember us for a long time.

Duration4 Hours 30 Minutes or 3 Hours 30 Minutes
CategoriesCooking courses, Culinary, Cooking courses in Valencia, Cooking courses in Comunidad Valenciana
LanguagesSpanish, English
Opening hours
RegionValencia, Comunidad Valenciana


Calle Obispo Don Jeronimo, 8 bajo 46003-Valencia
Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana
Calle Obispo Don Jerónimo, 8 bajo, 46003 València, España
Public Parking Lot at Plaza de la Reina (3 minutes walk)

Offered by

Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana
46003 - Valencia

Further information

We are back at the Escuela, all placed around the fires with the paellas ready. In the first place, have you ever dressed up as a professional cook? For this, the School provides you with the necessary elements, for reasons of hygiene and safety, and these are: the apron, so as not to stain your clothes, and the chef’s cap.

Then, the Paella teacher will be introduced, he will teach you step by step how to cook the authentic paella Valenciana (chicken, rabbit, vegetables and snails) and will explain the history of its creation and many other curious things. Do not worry about the language, the classes will be in both Spanish and English.

The fun is guaranteed, whether you go alone, with a partner, or with children. During the preparation of the paella, always under the guidance of a Paella master, there are moments of active work, such as cooking the meat and vegetables, and calmer moments, such as the cooking of the broth, following the homemade procedure faithfully. Well, in these quiet moments, we offer a tasting of Valencian, white or red wine, or Valencian craft beer, accompanied by a tasting of the Valencian vegetable garden, the tomato, seasoned with the best virgin oils of appellation of origin of the Valencian Community, Delicious!

This event has the purpose of cooking the Paella and making friends, you just have to bring the desire to have a good time, because learning and eating well, we guarantee it ourselves.

281 Reviews
Fun experience
Overall rating
Fun factor
It was nice to go to the market together and buy the ingredients. The chef/Maria were really friendly and helpful.
I would highly recommend this course to truly experience the real Valencian Paella!
by Florence V on 09/18/2019
Fantastische ervaring! Dit moet je een x meemaken
Overall rating
Fun factor
Wat een passie voor eten hebben deze mensen. Zeer gave ervaring zeker boeken!
by Elja Prinsen on 09/18/2019
Absolutely amazing experience
Overall rating
Fun factor
Absolutely brilliant staff, absolutely amazing food and absolutely amazing experience. Worth the money.
by Anna on 09/10/2019

Thank you very much for your kind words, we hope that you have the opportunity to put into practice all that you have learnt and cook delightful paellas for your family and folks. Remember that the recipe is always available in our website. It would be very helpful for us to have your recommendation and you to spread your experience to everyone who visit Valencia. We promise to keep on working to provide a top quality service to our clients. Best regards.


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