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Asisi Panometer in Berlin - 360° Panorama of the Berlin Wall
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asisi Panometer in Berlin
Rundbild der Berliner Mauer
Alltag an und mit der innerdeutschen Grenze
Blick von Kreuzberg nach Berlin-Mitte
4 m hohes Besucherpodest

In the Berlin Panometer Yadegar Asisi's 360° panorama of the Berlin Wall is guaranteed to impress every visitor. On the round picture scenes from the life on the border convey an authentic impression of everyday life in a divided city. The artist has incorporated his personal experiences of living in Berlin into the work.

  • Panorama size: 60m wide and 15m high
  • 4m tall observation platform to examine details
  • History up close and personal
  • Installation wall with visitor comments and accompanying exhibitions
  • Free entry for children under 5 years
Included1 day entry to the Berlin Panometer, children under the age of 5 enter free of charge
Duration1 Day
CategoriesAttractions, Museums, Explore & Discover, Attractions in Berlin, Museums in Berlin, Attractions in Berlin, Museums in Berlin
LanguagesEnglish, German
Opening hours
RegionBerlin, Berlin
Important informationEntry up to 30 minutes before closing time, please plan at least 30 minutes for your visit, changing opening times are possible for special events


asisi Panorama Berlin
Friedrichstraße 205, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
2 parking spots for disable people available
U6, M29: Kochstraße/Checkpoint Charlie stop (2 minutes on foot), Bus 147: Stadtmitte/Leipziger Straße stop (3 minutes on foot)

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asisi Panorama DIE MAUER
10117 - Berlin

Further information

Since 2012, visitors to Berlin can receive an authentic impression of what life next to and with the Berlin Wall would have been like during the Cold War. The panorama picture of Yadegar Asisi is impressive in its 900 m² steel rotunda, which was specifically built for this exhibition. Located directly at Checkpoint Charlie, a historically significant place has been chosen for this life-like exhibition.

The 60 m wide and 15 m high panoramic picture shows many everyday scenes on a 1980's autumn day. One can see out from the Kreuzberg in the west of the city to the middle of Berlin in the former east part. Since Yadegar Asisi used to live in Berlin, many personal impressions and memories of the artist have become a part of the work. The central theme of the piece is the contrast between the horror of the Division, which is represented, for example, by border guards in their watchtowers, and the normality of life within an internal German border. A family moving, kids spraying graffiti, drunks, guests at a snack shop - all this and more can be discovered. GDR-Slogans on grey house facades in the east and colorful neon signs on grey facades in the west show the contrast and, simultaneously, the similarities in the divided city. On a 4 m tall viewing platform visitors can examine details and take in the panorama as a whole.

An installation wall in the entry area, where the thoughts of many visitors regarding the German Division are showcased, is a part of the exhibition. Private photographs and film clips from the documentary "Bis an die Grenze - Der private Blick auf die Mauer" from Claus Oppermann and Gerald Grote round off the visit. Visitors will receive a comprehensive and yet personal insight to the life at the internal German border.

In the vicinity of the Panometer the Black Box of the Berlin Senate, an information site about the wall, has been placed. The Berlin Forum for History and Present (registered society) also exhibit large-format documentary photos.

The Panometer is open daily - even during the Christmas holidays - from 10:00am to 6:00pm. It is only closed on the 24th of December 2013 . On the 31st of December 2013 the exhibition can be visited from 10:00am to 5:00pm and on the 1st of January 2014 from 12:00pm to 6:00pm. At least 30 minutes should be planned for the visit, which is why the last entry is half an hour before closing time.

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Sehr gut dargestellt
Overall rating
Fun factor
Excellent and informative
by E.O.Kostlin on 06/08/2015
Simply amazing
Overall rating
Fun factor
A most enjoyable but thought provoking experience. Once inside, the lighting changes to allow you to experience the Wall at different times during the day and night. As dusk approaches, the eerie feeling grows and you feel a sense of foreboding and dread. The artwork is so realistic that you forget which people are real and which ones are painted as the visitors and characters 'blend together' at the foot of the painting. The guards in the tower look straight at you through binoculars and are so realistic again, the whole street comes to life and you really do become immersed. This is an imperative experience for anyone wishing to get closer to experiencing how it must have been when the Wall existed, and not so very long ago either as you will see from the punks painted as part of the western side of the wall.
by Avril Cambray on 07/16/2014
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