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Airboard Event with Bavarian Cabin Evening in Lenggries (Groups of 20 or above)
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Rennen mit Airboards
In Bauchlage den Berg hinab
Bayerische Olympiade
Maßkrugstemmen bei der Bayerischen Olympiade

This event in Lenggries offers airboarding with a race, Bavarian Olympics and a buffet. Airboarding is the new trend sport from Switzerland and is easy to learn. After the course you will enjoy a buffet in a cabin and then the Bavarian Olympics.

  • Ideal as a team event
  • Airboard course with race at the end
  • Fun activities in the Bavarian Olympics
Included5 hour airboard course with Bavarian Olympics, rental equipment (airboard, helmet, liftpass), buffet
Duration5 Hours
Bring alongSki or snowboard clothing, sturdy winter shoes, hat, gloves, goggles if required
ParticipantsGroups of 20 to 70 participants
CategoriesWinter Sports, Sport
LanguagesGerman, English
Opening hours
RegionLenggries, Bavaria


Exact meeting point will be arranged by the prodiver after the booking.
Bergbahnstraße 1, 83661, Lenggries, Deutschland

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83661 - Lenggries

Further information

This event is very well suited as a team event: First there is an airboard course in Lenggries. When airboarding you will slide down a snow covered mountain on an air filled cushion while lying on your stomach and with your head pointing downwards. You will steer and brake using weight distribution. Speeds of up to 100 km/h are possible. A race between the participants ends the course.

The buffet after the sports pursuit comes at exactly at the right time. In a nearby cabin you can all re-energise yourselves for the Bavarian Olympics.

You will compete in the following disciplines:

  • Pretzel knotting
  • Hollow hammer nailing
  • Milking cows
  • Maß curling
  • Maß holding
  • Snuff tabacco hurling
  • Log sawing

This team competition is a lot of fun for everyone. This event can be booked for groups of over 20 people. The relaxed atmosphere offered is good for a company event or something similar.

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