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Aikido Beginner's Course in Saarbrücken
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Take 6 Aikido classes anytime you want within a month in Saarbrücken. Learn the martial art in an authentic Japanese Dojo, open 6 days a week.
  • Flexible offer
  • With a real Keiko-Gi
  • Qualified trainer
Included1 Monat Aikido-Training (jeweils 75 Minuten), leihweise: Keiko-Gi
Duration1 Month
ParticipantsKurs findet mit bis zu 10 Teilnehmern statt
CategoriesAikido, Martial Arts
Opening hours
RegionSaarbrücken, Saarland
RequirementsMindestalter: 6 Jahre


Dudweiler Landstraße 87, 66123, Saarbrücken, Deutschland

Offered by

Sakura Dojo
66123 - Saarbrücken

Further information

What's special about Aikido is the martial art's philosophy. The idea is to show the attacker that the attack is pointless, without harming him. Basically, you use the power of the attacker and redirect it back to him without injuring him or her.

Train at the Sakura-Dojo in Saarbrücken 6 times on the days of your choice within a month. Each session lasts 75 minutes with a qualified trainer under the supervision of Gilles de Chénerilles, 7 Dan Aikido master.

After a month of Aikido training you will be able to respond to an attack and control it with natural movements.

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by Lea Richter on 12/20/2012
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